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Public surveys and market research services - ELICOM


About public surveys and market research


A fast and efficient solution to help you collect and understand feedback from your customers every time you need to make important strategic decisions.

Telephone interviews represent one of the best methods to gather market intelligence regarding how your products or services are perceived, to measure customer satisfaction following interactions with your employees, or after a visit to one of your commercial spaces, or to identify new opportunities to launch a new product. In case you need to understand the public opinion on wider topics, we recommend you choose our local or national survey services. 


Because ELICOM would immediately understand your objectives and can quickly implement any telephone survey questionnaire. Because we offer you complete transparency, regular reporting and accurate recording of all responses received.

Depending on the type of project, the session of interviews can begin 24 hours from the moment all your requirements are agreed upon.

In order to offer you a complete service, we can also interpret the result of your survey by working together with our specialized partners.