ELICOM is there when you need us


We provide assistance to your customers in solving problems

We manage a centralized transmission of all requests

We provide operational feedback to customers

We provide specialized personnel to handle all requests

HELP Desk Services - ELICOM


About HELP Desk

The HELP Desk services offer our customers assistance and support in handling technical and organizational issues. Such services can be offered internally for your own employees or externally for your customers.
Our service can handle tier 1 issues as well as filter client requests and transfer these to your specialized teams.


Through the support Call Center services, ELICOM will strengthen your relationship with your customers, as well as increase their satisfaction with your services.

Our teams are specialized in handling customer requests at optimal costs. You will achieve an increase in your quality of service together with a significant reduction in your fixed costs.

Furthermore, your company would be able to focus all its resources towards your core business.