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We support our customers with any issues they may encounter

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Customer Care Services - ELICOM


About Customer Care

ELICOM's Customer Care package consists in a complex area of services focused on assisting our client with any issue. Aside from support and assistance requests or receiving and solving complaints, this service can be used in order to build your database of historical customer interactions, which can be further used to inform your strategic planning process. This is why the Customer Care service is a strategic choice which will allow you to build medium and long term relationships with your customers.



As one of the first Romanian companies with this focus, we are a strategic partner for your needs to outsource complex and essential services to your business.

ELICOM has the capacity to handle a wide range of requests offering maximum quality of service when interacting with your customers, whilst at the same time providing transparency and cost optimization.

Furthermore, your company would be able to focus its human and financial resources on its core business areas.