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Telesales Telemarketing Services - ELICOM


About Telesales/Telemarketing

An inexpensive and extremely efficient way of communicating to your existing or potential customers in order to sell services or products. We can either use your internal customer database or a third party provider, and we can guarantee that our 7 years of experience in telesales can make the real difference between average sales and a successful sales campaign.

Our best operators will contact your existing or potential customers directly, in order to sell your products or services, therefore reducing your customer or contract acquisition costs. The sales process can be achieved either through inbound calls, where your customers would call ELICOM in order to place an order following an advertising campaign (TV, Online, Print) or through outbound calls where ELICOM would be contacting your customers in order to promote your services or products.

Regardless of the solution you choose, ELICOM will offer you the technical and human resources support in order to achieve your goals. 


ELICOM has the experience to create and implement an optimal telesales campaign. We can offer you the support of our specialized telesales agents, as well as the technical resources you will need to implement your campaign. With ELICOM, you have the guarantee of increased sales through an alternative sales channel.